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Preferred Partners

Links to our Preferred Partner web sites.
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Legal Information

  • LeClair Thibeault Barristers & Solicitors
    T: 403.245.4500
    F: 403.245.3357
  • Taylor Zinkhofer & Conway
    (no website)
    T: 403.259.4028
    F: 403.640.0103

Mortgage Providers


Real Estate

  • Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB)
    T: 403.263.0530
    F: 403.218.3688
  • Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA)
    T: 403.228.6845
    F: 403.2284360
  • Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
    T: 613.237.7111
    F: 613.234.2567

Property Inspectors

Condominium Document