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Royal LePage Real Estate


  • We have the people - Over 14,000 Realtors in more than 600 locations across Canada.
  • We have the experience - A Canadian best seller since 1913.
  • We are the only major real estate company that is 100% Canadian - Canadian employees, Canadian owners, and Canadian values.

Customer Service

Royal LePage Realtors know the value of customer service. We want to help you buy or sell your home, and, just as importantly, we want to help you buy and sell your next home too. That means we strive to get you the best deal.

Royal LePage Realtor's offer:

  • Up-to-date information about local market conditions
  • A realistic price for your property
  • A marketing program to showcase your home
  • Advice on how you can best present yourproperty to maximize its appeal


The first thing I learned as a Realtor is you nevers top learning - how to negotiate, how to listen, how to close a deal, how to arrange a mortgage, how to use the latest information and technology to get things done, and the list goes on.

As a Real Estate Agent, I need to be an expert in so many fields, and Royal LePage goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that its Realtors get the training they need to provide excellent customer service.

  • Teams of trainers work with Realtors across Canada to continually upgrade their skills
  • Conferences and workshops bring Realtors together to learn from the experts and (just as importantly) from eachother.
  • Through their on-line training site, Royal LePage University, Realtors and brokers take courses to earn continuing education credits for provincial licensing requirements.


As a Canadian best seller since 1913, Royal lePage has learned a lot over the years about real estate and how to provide the best possible service for its clients.

Royal LePage Realtors are on the front line: dedicated, professional, and knowledgable. And Royal LePage is right behind each of us, offering support, tools, and market expertise to help them to the best job possible.

It's our name - and we're proud of it

In Canada, the name Royal LePage means real estate, and it has for almost a century.

The red and black "Royal LePage" real estate sign is one of the best-recognized brands in Canada. Having our sign on your lawn is your confirmation that you have one of Canada's leading real estate firms working for you.


Royal LePage is the only major real estate company that is 100% Canadian Heritage

Albert LePage was a pioneer whose innovation and belief in customer service helped transform the real estate industry. He built a company based on professionalism, principaled conduct, and the highest moral and ethical standards.

These standards are as relevant to Royal LePage today as they were in 1913.

Community Service

What could be more important for a real estate company than community service? Our communities are more than just where we live, work, and play: Healthy, vibrant communities are our business.

Royal LePage Realtors across Canada are dedicated to making their communities better. You will find them volunteering in local hospitals, coaching children, raising money for local charities, helping cities and towns preserve their heritage, and working to raise awareness and resources to counter violence in the home.

Shelter Foundation

The home should be a place where we can all feel warm, secure, and comfortable. But for thousands of women and children across Canada, home is anything but that.

This is why Royal LePage decided to fucs its corporate charitable efforts on one cause where the company can really make a difference: sheltering women and children fleeing violence.

Founded in 1998 wiht an endowment of $1.4 million, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation:

  • Provides financial support to women's shelters
  • Raises public awareness about the need for shelters for abused women
  • Supports educational programs on the prevention of violence

A portion of the proceeds of each Real Estate Transaction that I participate in goes directly to support the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. By selling or purchasing Real Estate with a Royal LePage Agent like myself, you are helping to support the Shelter Foundation.