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Selling Recreational Property

Thinking of selling your recreational property?  More and more Calgarians are looking for recreational property as our economy flourishes. Property in Alberta is both affordable and convenient for Calgarians. That is where we can help. Marketing your Alberta recreational property in Calgary exposes you to where the Buyers are, giving you more market exposure to motivated Buyers. This gives you a better chance of selling your recreational property in the least amount of time, with the least inconvenience and at the best price.


Tips for Selling your Recreational Property

Wondering what you should be looking for when sellig your recreational property?  What should you be spending money on before you sell?  What will be important to the buyer?  Here are some things to look for to get you started on getting that property ready to sell:

Signs of infestation – Check along the foundation, under eves, around windows, doors, vents, and chimneys for signs of animals or insects. Watch for small piles of sawdust, unsecured holes, nests, signs of chewing, and animal droppings.

Roof – Look for loose or missing shingles. Repair as necessary.

Decks and stairs – Check for rotten timber, missing nails, warping, and peeled paint. If the deck is listing or sagging it may not be safe. Repair as necessary.

Dock – Look for signs of rot, missing nails, and warping. Are the floats and supports in good shape? Are swimming ladders, tie-ups, and other hardware firmly fixed?

Trees and utility poles – Check for dead or leaning trees or unsecured utility poles that could be a hazard to you or the building.

Windows and doors – Check the caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows. Check for rot on frames and sills.

Siding – Examine the siding for loose or missing planks. Look for peeling or bubbling paint. Repair as necessary.

Driveway and access roads – Is the driveway full of potholes, puddles, or trenches? The road access is the Buyers first impression.

Septic and water supply – Are the water pump, well, and pipes in good condition? Is there a sewage system or a septic tank or field?

General state of repair – Note the general state of the cottage. Is it clean and well kept? Walls in need of paint, loose banisters, stains, and a general state of disrepair may indicate there are other, bigger problems the owner has neglected to fix.

Electrical – Check the fuse box for signs of water damage. Test light switches and outlets. Make sure appliances included in the sale are in good working order.

Furnace – Check the condition. Turn on the heat and see how well it works (and how noisy it is).

Water damage – Examine ceilings and walls for stains and bulges. Excessive mildew can be a sign of a leak or poor ventilation. Repair as necessary.

Plumbing – Examine the base of faucets, bathtubs, and under sinks for signs of water damage and repair as necessary.

2009 Recreational Property Reports

For further details on the recreational property market in your area, see the full reports below: